Tollring Enhances Telemedicine for Patients with Call Recording

Uxbridge, UK – 19 November 2020: CallConnect GP, the intelligent telephone answering system from Tollring in partnership with Metier Integration Services, has launched its integration with iCall Suite cloud call recording. The integration enables healthcare professionals to seamlessly record calls, to adhere to compliance and access call recordings from within patients records on their clinical system.   

CallConnect GP (formerly Patient Connect) provides valuable link between the clinical system and an existing telephone system, integrating telephone and computer capability to free up valuable resources and save time and money whilst reducing the risk of human erroriCall Suite call recording enhances CallConnect GP, driving efficiencies in healthcare with seamlessly integrated serviceCall recordings provide fast and easy access to past discussions with patients, can be used to review conversations for clarification, enable quality monitoring and assist in training, whilst adhering to patient data compliance regulations such as GDPR. 

Many GPs have turned to ‘telemedicine’ to interact with patients. NHS Digital reports a significant increase in the number of GP appointments carried out over the phone – 48% of appointments in May 2020, an increase from February 2020 where 14% of appointments took place by phone. And in June 2020, 61% of appointments with a GP were carried out by telephone. 

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring says, “As GP surgeries increasingly rely on telephone consultations with patients, call recordings have become vital in improving patient experience and service standards. This latest integration will ensure GPs stay fully compliant and can access the call recordings they need, when they need. Self-service and automation are key to making compliance manageable – this means giving clinical staff the tools and ability to configure and manage recording policies across all patients, suppliers and contacts.