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Tollring integrates iCall Suite for MiVoice Business within Mitel’s core infrastructure

Uxbridge, UK – 6 September 2022: Tollring announces that iCall Suite for MiVoice Business is now available direct within Mitel’s online subscription service.  The new integration enables Mitel partners to access Tollring’s powerful call tracking analytics at a click of a button without the need to invest and install separate servers or data collectors. Tollring…

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Tollring Enhances Telemedicine for Patients with Call Recording

Uxbridge, UK – 19 November 2020: CallConnect GP, the intelligent telephone answering system from Tollring in partnership with Metier Integration Services, has launched its integration with iCall Suite cloud call recording. The integration enables healthcare professionals to seamlessly record calls, to adhere to compliance and access call recordings from within patients’ records on their clinical system.    CallConnect GP (formerly Patient Connect) provides a valuable link between the clinical system and an existing telephone system, integrating telephone and computer capability to free up valuable resources and save time and money whilst reducing the risk of human error. iCall Suite call…

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Tollring and Metier Announce EMIS Re-Accreditation of CallConnect GP (Formerly Patient Connect)

Metier Integration Services and Tollring announce that their CallConnect GP application (formally known as Patient Connect) has undergone re-accreditation and achieved an EMIS Partners Certificate of Assurance. The award means that CallConnect GP meets EMIS quality standards and is fully authorised to connect to EMIS web services. EMIS Web help organisations to work towards NHS…

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Metier selects Tollring as sole distributor of CallConnect GP (formerly Patient Connect)

Tollring announces a new partnership with Metier to become the sole distributor of CallConnect GP (formerly Patient Connect). CallConnect GP helps managers, receptionists and clinical staff in surgeries to deliver courteous and informed patient care, improving the experience both for patients and staff.  By linking telephony with patient management systems, CallConnect GP alerts on tasks…

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2020 Contact Centres – Priorities and Opportunities in the Search for Broad Customer Engagement

There is clear demand for omni-channel customer engagement in consumer sectors, particularly those industries which are heavily transaction-based. However, where there is complexity or where a buyer-supplier relationship is important, for example in smaller B2C organisations, and most of those which are B2B, voice is still used as the primary communication medium outside of email….

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Tollring cloud call analytics solution levels the playing field for the on-premises PBX

Tollring today announces the availability of its hybrid iCall Suite analytics and call recording solutions on MiVoice Business and Panasonic NS700 phone systems, with Avaya IP Office coming soon. The cloud solution connects to on-premises PBX equipment, providing channel partners another opportunity to talk to their customers and provide a product with all of the…

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