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The Future of Analytics in Call and Contact Centers: Innovations and Insights

Hilary Oliver, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Tollring says: Advancements in Call and Contact Center Solutions: Current Capabilities and Future Innovations The channel is going to see a fast acceleration of AI applications being integrated into call and contact centre operations.  These applications won’t replace agents but will greatly assist call centre teams to...Read More

All Change: Customer Expectations for Call Centres in a Hybrid Working World

Tollring’s Global Head of Sales, Andy Bannister, reflects on new dynamics in the call centre industry. Meeting expectations in times of change Customers expect their interactions with a businesses’ call and contact centre to be seamless regardless of whether it’s a large multinational or a mid-sized or smaller enterprise. Outside of the big traditional contact…

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The Big CCaaS Opportunity

The CCaaS Market Opportunity – Just for Large Contact Centres? The exciting thing about Contact Centre as a Service is it makes call centre functionality accessible and affordable to all types of organisations. It is particularly beneficial to mid-market organisations with around 150 to 350 employees. This size of business tends to have multiple customer-facing…

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The Role of the Contact Centre in Customer Experience

The Importance of Customer Experience in 2020 In a year where businesses have had to operate at the mercy of a changing environment and disruptive policies, CX represents a welcome opportunity to invest in something that’s more (but not completely!) within their control. The trend for investing in CX is as strong as ever –…

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Tollring Enhances Telemedicine for Patients with Call Recording

Uxbridge, UK – 19 November 2020: CallConnect GP, the intelligent telephone answering system from Tollring in partnership with Metier Integration Services, has launched its integration with iCall Suite cloud call recording. The integration enables healthcare professionals to seamlessly record calls, to adhere to compliance and access call recordings from within patients’ records on their clinical system.    CallConnect GP (formerly Patient Connect) provides a valuable link between the clinical system and an existing telephone system, integrating telephone and computer capability to free up valuable resources and save time and money whilst reducing the risk of human error. iCall Suite call…

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