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Adapting to Tomorrow: The Shifting Landscape of as-a-Service

Subscription Services Gain Momentum: A Preferred Choice for Organizations Subscription services means lower risk for end customers. It enables organisations to try new services more affordably, without any long-term contracts or setup costs. It also enables greater flexibility, so organisations can change subscriptions as their business evolves and only pay for what they need. For...Read More

2024 Trends: How AI is Redefining the Telecoms Landscape for Service Providers

Exploring the Transition from 'Cloud' to 'AI' It wasn’t long ago that the term 'cloud' dominated the tech scene, yet its practical application remained somewhat enigmatic. Today, the spotlight has shifted to AI, yet similar ambiguity surrounds its integration into a channel provider's business, scope for monetisation and its value for customers. 2024 will deliver...Read More

The Future of Analytics in Call and Contact Centers: Innovations and Insights

Hilary Oliver, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Tollring says: Advancements in Call and Contact Center Solutions: Current Capabilities and Future Innovations The channel is going to see a fast acceleration of AI applications being integrated into call and contact centre operations.  These applications won’t replace agents but will greatly assist call centre teams to...Read More

Future of Telephony

How will the upcoming copper switch off change the telephony landscape in the UK? Like the pandemic, the switch off is going to change the telecom landscape significantly. It will be another catalyst to introduce some fantastic new services that are only available in the cloud, and it will generate another shift of momentum. The…

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Adapting Channels: Navigating Diverse Platforms and AI Impact for End Customers

Shifting Dynamics in the Channel Ecosystem Although there is an increasing number of end customers transitioning to Microsoft Teams for all of their phone calling capability, many are simply adding it to parts of their business and continuing to use their existing Mitel, BroadWorks or other systems.  Consequently, the channel must become incredibly flexible and...Read More

Tollring Empowers Mitel Customers with New Call Recording Insights

Uxbridge, UK – 5 January 2023: Tollring launches new cloud call recording and evaluation in iCall Suite Business Analytics for Mitel MiVoice Business, to improve customer experience and support compliance. Uniquely integrating call analytics with call recording, iCall Suite Business Analytics takes customer experience to a new level. This powerful combination offers predictive intelligence based...Read More