The Future of Analytics in Call and Contact Centers: Innovations and Insights

Hilary Oliver, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Tollring says:

Advancements in Call and Contact Center Solutions: Current Capabilities and Future Innovations

The channel is going to see a fast acceleration of AI applications being integrated into call and contact centre operations.  These applications won’t replace agents but will greatly assist call centre teams to improve customer experience by becoming more efficient and streamlining operations.

New AI capabilities will include the analysis of customer sentiment during calls or chat interactions, the prediction of trends and behaviours based on both historical and real-time data, and the analysis of recorded conversations and transcripts to identify topics and trends.

New innovations will transform the way analytics empower businesses and drive decisions. Business leaders will have access to automated powerful insights into customer behaviour and experiences to improve agent training, detect compliance issues, and drive service improvements. The analytics will help to predict if a customer is likely to churn or identify potential sales opportunities, allowing agents to proactively address any issues.

Choosing the Right Vendor Partners: A Guide for Resellers and MSPs

Resellers and MSPs should seek vendor partners that offer innovative and cutting-edge cloud technologies to enable differentiation in their market.

A robust API framework is essential. The APIs make it easy for resellers and service providers to pull data from call centre applications in the format and way their customer wants to see it and integrate the information into their own UCaaS deployments.  It enables the right information to be delivered to the right people at the right time.

Close integrations with a service provider’s existing systems also deliver a stronger user experience. Tight integrations remove barriers so there is minimal manual provisioning, with customer-facing teams able to record, monitor and analyse calls on any device, as well as review live call analytics about groups, call queues and teams via dashboards and wallboards. And the more services delivered to the customer and the easier they are to use, the stickier they become.

Seek vendor partners that have a dedicated focus on information security and quality. This is essential in today’s fast-paced cloud market where solutions are in a constant state of improvement and evolution.

Lastly, look for a vendor partner that can demonstrate the required expertise, has a willingness to provide support and a track record of successful service provider deployments.

Expanding Your Portfolio: Additional Services for Resellers and MSPs in the Call and Contact Center Space

Tollring’s new Record AI is launching soon. This will open new value-creation opportunities in the small and mid-size call and contact centre space by making it easier to gain insight from large volumes of call recordings.

The small and mid-size market is still a huge untapped opportunity for call centre applications but also for call analytics across a total UCaaS deployment.  For SMEs, call and contact centre tools need to be simple to deploy with a provisioning journey that is quick to turn on. Customers then need the ability to design and measure the outcomes and KPIs that are important to them, and all delivered in a simple way that leverages the power of a UCaaS platform.