2024 Trends: How AI is Redefining the Telecoms Landscape for Service Providers

Exploring the Transition from ‘Cloud’ to ‘AI’

It wasn’t long ago that the term ‘cloud’ dominated the tech scene, yet its practical application remained somewhat enigmatic. Today, the spotlight has shifted to AI, yet similar ambiguity surrounds its integration into a channel provider’s business, scope for monetisation and its value for customers.

2024 will deliver more clarity on how the channel can effectively incorporate AI into their offerings to generate revenues. We will see affordable AI solutions with straightforward implementation that will make the technology far more accessible.

The focus will be on cross-platform solutions, such as versatile analytics, that are capable of adding value across an entire product portfolio. With Microsoft’s ongoing rapid growth and the phasing out of existing technologies, channel providers and their customers need to minimise disruption by having familiar applications that deliver flexibility as customers transition from old to new solutions.

How Service Providers Can Leverage AI

New powerful AI-driven analysis of call recordings will autonomously detect keywords and subjects without requiring manual listening to each call. Scale and speed achieved through AI automation drive ever greater efficiencies in business, not just saving manual effort but also yielding insights into customer sentiment, trends and behavioural patterns to drive customer experience like never before.

AI-powered analytics can also assess key performance indicators (KPIs) within bot-to-human interactions, assigning sentiment scores based on customer experiences and prioritising VIP callers. Additionally, it can aid in identifying individuals with the highest levels of empathy, enabling them to convert negative calls into positive ones.

AI-driven analytics can now be deployed easily, and at a large scale, whilst maintaining strict adherence to security and compliance policies.

In 2024, the crucial aspect is that channel providers will have AI-based solutions at their disposal, offering not only innovative solutions to engage their customers but also the potential for substantial profit margins without requiring extensive investments.