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2024 Trends: How AI is Redefining the Telecoms Landscape for Service Providers

Exploring the Transition from 'Cloud' to 'AI' It wasn’t long ago that the term 'cloud' dominated the tech scene, yet its practical application remained somewhat enigmatic. Today, the spotlight has shifted to AI, yet similar ambiguity surrounds its integration into a channel provider's business, scope for monetisation and its value for customers. 2024 will deliver...Read More

Unified Comms as a Service: Shifting from Reactionary Solutions to Strategic Choices

Cloud has become more important than ever We could never have envisioned the explosion in cloud adoption that has happened over the last 12 months. As the pandemic hit the UK last year, there was a steeper decline in on-premise deployments with more businesses looking to cloud-based solutions to keep their businesses operational.  Most opted…

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Supporting the Channel in 2020

Emphasising value to reduce churn It’s impossible to talk about supporting businesses in 2020 without mentioning coronavirus. The global pandemic although unforeseen and highly damaging to the economy, has also provided a common point of interest to build closer relationships with customers and to understand their business challenges and drivers. While the things we know…

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Self-Provisioning Portals Add Value to Customers

Ease of use is a key requirement for any provisioning portal; it should be simple for resellers to provision new customers, easy to manage billing, and analytics should provide visibility of activity and usage.  However as a service delivery tool, resellers should leverage their self-service portals to add value to their relationships with customers. Rather…

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BT Wholesale and Tollring Give Resellers Control to Combat Fraud

BT Wholesale is equipping its resellers with new comprehensive tools to detect and protect against fraud and manage customer credit limits, by providing access to Tollring’s real-time Credit and Fraud Management System (CFMS). Resellers using the BT Wholesale Hosted Centrex (WHC) platform and SIP Trucking Products now have access to Tollring’s cloud-based CFMS. This is…

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