Selling Informal Call Centres

A Guide to Approaching Customers That Need to Monitor Calls but Do Not Have a Dedicated Call Centre

The Informal Call Centre Proposition
Often, many businesses do not appreciate that they have an informal contact centre, yet most will agree that more effective customer interactions are essential to their business.

Resellers need to demonstrate how analytics that integrate with the phone system can deliver improved contact team functionality and this is achieved by keeping ROI in the conversation.

For example:  

  • Control staff resources.  The cost of staff resources will always be the biggest cost to a business with a contact team, but managing call flows and customer interactions in order to retain high customer service levels does not necessarily mean employing more call handlers.  Performance monitoring, queue management, staff modelling, caller tolerance, managing agent status and reporting on unreturned missed calls or grade of service are all vital to maximise efficiencies, no matter how large the team.  It is almost more important for a small business, where one additional team member adds a large percentage of cost.  Use the analytics to understand if and when this is needed.    
  • Monitor performance.  Call recording has become an essential training component for any business with contact teams.  By analysing inbound and outbound calls regularly it is easier to identify issues and problems and put preventative measures in place.  Listening to calls helps to establish trends, select and correct areas of improvement and evaluate other key information which would otherwise be lost.  Businesses are now realising that it is no longer just about having access to the odd call recording due to a complaint, it’s about maximising your customer intelligence, which is made easy with a fully integrated call management solution.
  •  View real-time analytics via reports, dashboards and team wallboards.  Live statistics delivered via dashboards enable managers to base decisions on accurate and invaluable data.  Supervisors can manage their teams and see ‘live’ call activity, while call handlers can control calls and view their group’s activity.

Organisations with informal contact centres will be looking for flexibility in terms of scale, and the cloud offers the perfect ‘pay as you go’ model without an upfront investment. However, for those tentative about the cloud, a Hybrid approach provides an alternative route by enabling them to use a mix of on-premises, private cloud and public cloud services with orchestration between the platforms.  This delivers a transition into the cloud using a disruptive rather than a destructive approach, thus allowing organisations to experiment and to build cloud services on to their existing services.

The bonus of the latest cloud-based Call Management applications is that both vendors and their customers don’t have to make a total switch to the cloud to get all the benefits. They can access the high value information and analytics with a cloud-based call management service but using data derived from their traditional voice services and billing streams.

From a reseller’s perspective, the key is that once a customer has analytics and high value information about the workings of their business and they’ve built their own workflows and reporting around it, it becomes more difficult for them to consider changing supplier.  This is where the reseller can add true value as well as monetise reporting and analytics as a service.

Tollring’s Latest 
Tollring delivers exceptional expertise in developing fully integrated informal contact centre solutions deployed as on-premise, hybrid or cloud solutions.  Our solutions are proven to be a cost-effective option for SMEs with customer-facing teams.

Tollring’s new iCall Suite 2016 delivers a unified platform for both its traditional on-premise partners and for those extending into the realm of cloud and mobile applications. iCall Suite scalability makes it ideal for an informal contact centre environment.

For our on-premise friends, they no longer need to choose between the previous desktop version or the online version, they can now use one system with no loss of features.  This gives them access to the new world of cloud applications whilst still allowing them to maximise existing revenue streams.

The refreshed look and feel of iCall Suite 2016 with its extensive set of APIs make it fast and easy to commission new customers, and information can be personalised easily for specific recipient’s roles and requirements.