Building value from real-time insights

How to best leverage, optimise and build value from insights derived through real-time interaction management and reporting (IM&R)

Which IM&R insights are of most value to end users and resellers?

We’re seeing consistently high attachment rates and a widening customer profile that extends far beyond the formal contact center. For partners, IM&R provides ample opportunity to differentiate their proposition but it is important to adopt a consultative approach where the right metrics can be identified and adopted for each customer profile. This provides partners with further opportunity to add value, ensuring successful implementation, ongoing effective use of the product and the ability to consultatively upsell when the time is right. For our partners, the major advantage is in understanding how their customers use the solution. Our service provider portal provides licence management and insights that make it easy for partners to optimise their sales strategy to increase attachment rates or margins.

We’re seeing the most effective use of IM&R within end users when they fully utilise features that help them to identify and explore the complete customer journey. Cradle to grave and interaction resolution reports give this kind of insight, ensuring that decision makers receive actionable feedback that allows them to improve their customer service processes in a targeted way. This is even more effective when combined with custom KPIs and SLAs, as the ability to set your own targets makes the data so much more valuable, and much more accessible to decision makers across the business. There’s also a lot of value in using these definable targets to explore fine-grained parts of the customer journey or key business functions. For example, something as simple as an unreturned missed call list can generate vast amounts of business and deliver a great ROI – just from one report alone!

In a nutshell please summarise your IM&R proposition, target markets and outline how you expect these to develop as opportunities for the channel?

Tollring is 100% channel focussed and we work closely with our partners to determine how the product should evolve, both technically and commercially. Our key target areas are those where businesses want to gain insight into the customer experience across the whole organisation – at every customer engagement touch point. This lends itself particularly to the mid-market, where the challenges revolve around capturing data from many different communications silos, including formal and informal contact centers and other disparate departments, and then sharing these insights across very different departments and a wide range of job functions. That means that there’s a huge emphasis on making our solutions accessible to use at a software level, but also in making the insights easily understood. By architecting our solutions around this key characteristic, we ensure that our solutions are simple to sell and install for the channel, too.

As published by Comms Dealer.