Adding Value With Microsoft

Adding Value With Microsoft Unlocking Lucrative Opportunities: Microsoft Teams’ Potential for Resellers and MSPs

Microsoft Teams is the fastest-growing business application in Microsoft’s history, now with over 300 million monthly active users in over 500,000 organisations, so the target audience is huge and expanding.  It’s a rapidly developing market that cannot be ignored by any channel leader.

Our strategic investment in Microsoft technology and development of value-added solutions enable us to help partners differentiate and stay ahead in this competitive and ever-evolving landscape. Certified applications specifically for Teams are becoming an important element in any partner’s overall service-wrap.

Alongside the shift to Teams, customer buying patterns and needs are changing. Gartner estimates that 80% of sales transactions will take place through digital channels by 2025. Source: Gartner – 2020. Forrester predicts a third of all B2B transactions will flow through marketplace by 2030 Source: Jay McBain | LinkedIn so the partner ecosystem is changing to meet customer demand, making it critical that resellers review their digital strategies and decide how it fits in their overall business strategy.

Canalsys predicts that by 2025, marketplaces will grow to over US$45 billion, which is double the pre-pandemic forecast. Canalys also predicts, by 2025, nearly a third of all marketplace purchases will flow through partners.

Commercial marketplaces should become complementary to the overall channel proposition not competitive to it – they provide a platform for modern partnering, enabling partners to combine the value-add with the buyers’ journey that is becoming expected. Those partners that couple digital strategy with their value-added services will be ahead of competitors.

Harnessing the Value of Microsoft Certifications

Official certifications provide important recognition of an organisation’s continual commitment, investment and expertise in Microsoft technology and solutions.

Tollring has invested in Microsoft certifications to upskill internally but also to go to market with a fully certified application in the Microsoft marketplaces. These skills are critical to the development and evolution of our services for Microsoft Teams and to demonstrate our expertise in Microsoft Technologies. Coupled with our other globally-recognised certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, we are able present convincing proof of our capability, our focus on quality as well as demonstrate our commitment to the highest level of security standards.

Transformative Offerings: UK Channel Innovations with Microsoft Solutions

Forward-thinking channel providers are now playing a pivotal role in helping their customers to understand the impact of hybrid working by offering a full service-wrap and a transformative solution around Microsoft Teams.

Visibility of internal collaboration is becoming as important as visibility of external engagement, because both significantly impact customer experience. Analytics is a proven value-added service leveraged by channel companies, helping their customers to maximise usage of Microsoft products, foster effective communication, meet customer satisfaction targets, support HR initiatives (such as well-being, reviews and engagement), drive knowledge share and adhere to company policy.

Tollring specialises in analytics, delivering collaboration and call insights for Microsoft Teams to assist organisations in managing hybrid working, supporting and motivating individuals, driving customer engagement and maximising customer engagement.