Understanding Hybrid Workers with Microsoft Teams

Understanding Hybrid Workers Analytics 365

Organisations are currently experimenting with their hybrid working arrangements, trying to discover the set-up that suits them best.

Managers are looking for ways to both guide and trust their people who are split between home and office.  And the workers are trying to adapt to new strategies of hot desking and planning commutes whilst showing their bosses that they are not taking advantage when home working.

Analytics is the key to achieving a successful balance of performance and well-being across teams. Only with insights can organisations understand how hybrid working patterns impact their people and help mitigate against the risk of a burnt out and disenchanted workforce.

Accessing the analytics

With workplace analytics, businesses can understand collaboration across co-workers, teams, customers and suppliers. They can then identify the key drivers of productivity, drive motivation and support people no matter where they are based.

In addition to uncovering levels of productivity, workplace analytics offers insights into staff wellbeing and happiness. Data can be used to understand how teams are working generally, as well as identifying problem areas such as ensuring proper breaks are taken and excessive hours are not being worked. This allows managers to support their people accordingly.

What is Analytics 365?

Analytics 365, a native app for Microsoft Teams, can assist an enterprise and its employees throughout a transition to a hybrid working policy, and beyond.

With its easy-to-use, customisable dashboards, Analytics 365 delivers essential workplace insights.  It reveals trends and patterns so that organisations can understand how effectively their people interact and collaborate, both internally and externally.

Data can be customised using pre-defined KPIs and filters with clearance granted in line with Microsoft admin permissions to support privacy and data protection policies.  The trends and patterns enable organisations to:

  • Balance workload. Identify individuals involved in back-to-back meetings, working outside of normal hours or repeatedly late for meetings which may signal meeting fatigue or work overload.
  • Increase staff retention. Sentiment analysis helps managers understand how individuals feel about their day-to-day activities.
  • Improve customer Interaction. Share best practice, reduce frustration and enhance the quality of conversations.
  • Ensure staff wellbeing. Understand how business changes have impacted mental health, team performance and employee satisfaction.

Available on the Microsoft Teams App Store, Analytics 365 is available on a 14-day free trial without needing a credit card to sign up.

Visit the App store on Microsoft Teams or https://www.analytics-365.com/