Tollring’s new iCall Suite release makes KPI-driven insight accessible for SMEs and the mid-market

International software developer Tollring today announces a new version 3.7 of iCall Suite expanding the delivery of relevant, actionable customer data into the hands of SME and mid-market enterprises, to maximise SLA-driven productivity. The enhanced set of modular customer interaction analytics and call recording tools enables all size of organisations to use analytics to make more informed business decisions.

The new analytics features available in iCall Suite include configurable KPIs and SLAs for individuals, groups and campaigns – allowing businesses to quickly and easily understand how their business is performing. This also allows more sophisticated customer segmentation and profiling to take place in order to build a more complete picture of an organisation’s unique customer experience, as well as being able to focus on key profiles to improve service offered to existing customers and to drive new business.

Tollring CEO Tony Martino says, “It is now easier than ever for key decision makers to monitor and access the metrics that are important to their business, whether at a departmental or whole organisation level. It’s the difference between collecting data and making it actionable.

“The wide-ranging data drawn from across a business enables managers in different departments to be truly informed about how customers interact with their organisation based on their own specific responsibilities and requirements. Even those operating in the most niche of industries can get an understanding that’s totally relevant and applicable to them with insights that are drawn from deep within their data.  

“The most interesting of insights are those that reveal a new understanding that goes against expectations of how things might work. With a new understanding, small changes to behaviours during customer interactions can have a huge impact on the bottom line.”

Additional analytics features available in the new release include business productivity dashboards with callback performance overviews. VIP customer configuration allows important customers to be identified and callbacks prioritised accordingly. This ability to identify, drill down and react is amplified further with an enhanced framework of APIs to improve the accessibility of data in the context of external or third-party applications.

“Tollring remains focused on responding to partner and customer demands. Our business saw an increase of over 350% in cloud end points last year, and as our partner and end user community continues to grow we will provide them with even more ways to benefit from analytics,” Martino concludes.