iCall Suite analytics for Webex Calling live on the Webex App Hub

Uxbridge, UK – 8th November 2021: Tollring’s iCall Suite call analytics solution has been validated and approved by Webex, and has now launched on the Webex App Hub.  The seamless integration of iCall Suite with Webex Calling widens the market opportunity for Tollring and its partners and gives hybrid workers fast and easy access to vital call analytics. The call analytics drive improvements in call handing and employee engagement to deliver tangible improvements in customer experience.

iCall Suite for Webex Calling provides businesses with easy-to-understand dashboards, reports and wallboards.  iCall Suite provides information on the number of calls made, the time spent talking on calls, the time taken to answer a call, the number of calls missed and returned as well as the ability to review call journeys to maximise customer experience.

The clearly presented and meaningful user KPIs with iCall Suite help to motivate individuals, enabling them to monitor their performance in line with personal and departmental targets.  Managers can also understand and support their team, identify knowledge gaps for training and champion high performers.

The Webex App Hub brings together a vast range of solutions that empower users to make their use of Webex technology more flexible and adaptable for any use, any role or environment, whenever and wherever needed.

“We’re delighted to welcome iCall Suite’s powerful analytics for Webex Calling to the App Hub.” Said Alyson Hoadland Pace, Director of Product Management at Cisco. “By adding iCall Suite call reporting and analytics, Webex users will be able to gain deeper insight into their business performance and customer experience.”

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring says, “The Webex App Hub makes it easy for users to customise their calling experience to exactly suit their needs, with a wide range of third-party applications. By integrating iCall Suite with Webex, which now facilitates over 6 billion minutes of calls per month, we are enabling businesses all over the world to maximise the insight they can gain from their call data. In this new world of hybrid work, business insights are critical to making informed decisions, and we are delighted to bring this ability to Webex.”