Follow the Customer Journey through the Contact Centre and Beyond

The highest value contact centre in the world is not a contact centre.

Contact centres have been very successful at collecting statistics on the number of calls received, how long it takes to answer calls and the time to resolve callers’ requests.  However, the contact centre can only measure what it sees rather than the whole customer experience.  Understanding the complete customer journey is the key to improving customer service and analytics are vital in discovering where improvements can be made.  As more and more customer interactions enter an organisation via an increasing number of routes, the same level of information needs to be captured across the entire business.

The traditional contact centre is a dedicated department responsible for managing large numbers of inbound and outbound calls.  However, for many businesses today, the whole organisation is essentially a contact centre.  Anyone can answer calls, arrange appointments and return calls. With many businesses now focused on improving their customer interactions, much of the technology and information delivered from the formal contact centre format can be applied to this informal setting.

By overlaying in-depth analytics such as iCall Suite from Tollring, businesses can ensure that all customer interactions are tracked. Valuable missed calls can be returned promptly within a secondary workflow that could be via a small contact team or simply a department. No matter how large or small an organisation, the key to improving customer experience through analytics is to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.  Performance monitoring, queue management, staff modelling, caller tolerance, and reporting on unreturned missed calls or grade of service are all vital metrics for maximising efficiencies and monitoring customer interactions.

iCall Suite also delivers live statistics via reports, dashboards and team wallboards in a relevant format to managers in any part of the organisation.  This enables them to base decisions on accurate data.  Supervisors can manage teams, view presence and see real-time call activity, while call handlers can view group activity.

The powerful addition of integrated call recording provides easy access to interactions. Companies can maximise customer intelligence by analysing inbound and outbound calls regularly to identify issues, improve performance and establish trends.

iCall Suite is one single solution designed for any deployment method so on-premise customers can now benefit from the same features enjoyed by cloud and hybrid cloud users. The hybrid option offers partners a strong entry level solution to the cloud.

The cloud extends the way customers can interact with a business, so as organisations move towards the cloud and evolve their digital communications, it is important to ensure that measures are in place to watch over the entire ‘cradle-to-grave’ customer experience, of which the contact centre is just one element.

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