Tollring Launches Fraud Management for Service Providers


Tollring has enhanced its iCall Suite cloud call analytics and recording solution to include fraud detection alarming.
 The iCS Fraud module has been introduced to combat call fraud, enforce company policy and meet customer service levels by detecting variance in call activity as soon as it happens.​The award winning iCall Suite now enables service providers and their resellers to proactively monitor customers’ inbound and outbound call trends using effective call-limit profiling that is easy to configure, quick to set up and self-learning for ongoing protection.  Rules-based alerts can be activated to monitor and inform both resellers and customers of irregular call behaviour, allowing Service Providers to proactively manage their channel.Seamlessly integrated within iCall Suite, fraud alerts, reports and visual dashboards can be accessed via a web browser on any mobile device.  Service providers can help their resellers and customers to minimise fraud by offering real-time monitoring and setting limits on call profiles.  As soon as a number reaches its call limit within a specific time period, calls can be barred or notifications activated.  The live notification alerts can be delivered to a mobile via text, call, email or on a ‘live tile’ dashboard.  Detailed call type, usage, black-list and trend reports deliver business-critical information to both resellers and customers for ongoing monitoring.

Tony Martino, MD of Tollring says, “Fraud detection is a rising challenge in cloud telephony and our new iCall Suite fraud module addresses this real industry issue.  Now our partners can mitigate fraud and enforce company policy to reduce liability through immediate notifications of variance in call activity.  This latest update in our cloud call analytics solution will positively impact the way the channel manages customers and their usage behaviour.”

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