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Customer First: Driving Success in the Age of CX

Differentiation is key if businesses are to compete effectively, and as global communities and marketplaces become the norm, companies are turning to customer experience in order to achieve that. However, how can businesses improve customer experience? What do they need to be able to understand and measure the experience they are providing? In truth it…

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Call Analytics and the Customer Experience Go Hand-in-Hand, Adding Value to Resellers and Their Customers

  Understanding the ‘customer experience’ is increasingly seen as the key to competitive advantage.  Creating a good customer experience is all about knowing what the customer wants and how the customer wants to obtain it.Although there are now many channels through which customers can engage with a business, the telephone remains the preferred method for…

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6 ways to use call recording to help understand your customers

6 practical ways to use call recording in a way that will help you to understand your customers better: Return missed calls: Keep an eye on missed calls using call analytics, then return every missed call before they call a competitor, to instantly impact customer satisfaction levels. Listen to call recordings to hear how successful…

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