6 ways to use call recording to help understand your customers

customer journey

6 practical ways to use call recording in a way that will help you to understand your customers better:

  1. Return missed calls: Keep an eye on missed calls using call analytics, then return every missed call before they call a competitor, to instantly impact customer satisfaction levels. Listen to call recordings to hear how successful this approach can be.
  2. Call resolution: Use call analytics to calculate call resolution time. Gain an understanding of effort required to resolve customer queries by reviewing call history and listening to the calls.
  3. Analyse call wait time: Track how long a caller waits to be answered or called back, then assess how the call progresses by listening to the call recording. Tag calls where the call outcome was negatively affected by the wait time for future improvement.
  4. Analyse call handling: Listen to call recordings to hear what was said at company, branch or an individual customer level. Use call recordings to:
    • Train staff: Select call recordings to use as examples, to help improve techniques. This method can also be used externally to train or support customers.
    • Identify top performers: Reward successful staff that go above and beyond to impact customer satisfaction. Use their techniques to enhance company policy.
    • Perform spot checks: Playback random call recordings to maintain and improve company standards.
    • Resolve disputes immediately: Act fast when a dispute is raised and rescue defecting customers. Listen to call recordings immediately and resolve discrepancies quickly.
    • Use call recording insight for predictive intelligence: Incoming calls can be flagged or redirected appropriately.
  5. Streamline processes: Analyse call volumes and historical trends to reveal customer service workflow issues across the business and ensure procedures are correctly scripted. Breakdowns in workflow can be identified by following the trail of conversations that took place.
  6. Link call recordings to CRM data: Detailed information on customer calls linked to CRM data highlights important observations to facilitate decision-making in line with business KPIs. Perform regular reviews on customers that have upgraded / downgraded or closed their account by listening to call recordings.

Incorporating call analytics and call recording to any customer service strategy provides business leaders with the assurance that decisions are based on a more complete picture of customers’ behaviour.