Author: Anne Woollett

Analytics 365 call analytics for microsoft teams

Tollring launches Analytics 365 Call Analytics across Microsoft Marketplaces

Uxbridge, UK – 11th January 2024: Tollring is delighted to announce that its Analytics 365 Call Analytics for Microsoft Teams is now available in the Microsoft Appsource and Azure Marketplaces. Analytics 365 Call Analytics makes it easy for organisations of any size to visualise and measure business-critical call performance across Teams Phone activity. It is…

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Customer First: Driving Success in the Age of CX

Differentiation is key if businesses are to compete effectively, and as global communities and marketplaces become the norm, companies are turning to customer experience in order to achieve that. However, how can businesses improve customer experience? What do they need to be able to understand and measure the experience they are providing? In truth it…

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Tollring partners with CommsPlus Distribution to meet increased demand for Call Analytics and Call Recording in Australia

Melbourne, Australia – June 30, 2020 – Tollring has signed an exclusive PBX Partner Distribution agreement with CommsPlus Distribution to meet the unprecedented demand to monitor customer experience and measure productivity, driven partly by the necessity for the Australian workforce to work remotely. Resellers with customers who have premise-based PBX solutions from manufacturers such as…

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Customer Experience, Deep Insight and the Omnichannel Opportunity

Deep Insight in an Omnichannel World The customer landscape is changing with the rise of the younger ‘millennial’ generations. These customers are more tech-savvy and are looking for a better experience when considering the different channels of communication at their disposal such as online chat, SMS, email, social media, and newer options like WhatsApp for…

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Analytics and Call Recording for Banking and Finance

The finance/banking sector is a highly competitive global marketplace. It is also one of the most heavily regulated with organisations under constant scrutiny to adhere to continued governance such as PCI compliance, Dodd-Frank Act compliance, MIFID II Compliance, and GDPR compliance. Cyber Security is a top priority as these organisations strive to prevent cyber-threats, hackers…

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Novum Networks sets out to Transform Customer Experience in Australia

Novum Networks, a leading provider of unified solution technology in Australia, is transforming customer experience using Tollring’s iCall Suite cloud analytics across its complete service portfolio. With the enhanced analytics service, Novum Network’s partners and customers can now analyse the whole customer experience, better manage customer relationships, and strive for excellence in customer service. iCall…

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