Adding Value with Microsoft: The Collaboration Analytics Opportunity

Reinventing Work, and the Opportunity for Partners

It’s hard to find many organisations that don’t have at least some element of Microsoft present within their business. Its extensive use and the reassurance it provides, allows for one of the most stable environments upon which to build more complex or tailored solutions. And, since the pandemic and the ubiquity of Teams, it feels like more partners than ever are becoming hooked into the Microsoft ecosystem – and it’s not just limited to the traditional data resellers. Historically, there may have been a struggle to differentiate but the introduction of the Microsoft Appsource marketplace, home to thousands of third-party apps, has widened the opportunity for differentiation and a truly consultative sell.

Clearly, Teams is here to stay in a big way. Initially, when companies first stepped into the world of Teams, the idea was to allow businesses to function in much the same way as they would in the office, reducing the impact of the pandemic and, in many cases, simply providing a means of operational survival. However, as time has progressed we’re seeing a great opportunity in embracing Teams for the longer term and enhancing the way people work – making it not only better for businesses, but also better for the individual. It’s time to reinvent work, starting with understanding more about how work is done and how to make it healthier, playing more to peoples’ strengths.

Demand for this type of solution is what prompted us to develop Analytics 365, an app providing collaboration analytics to help people work better together, to improve their wellbeing and, ultimately, create a much better customer experience. To do this, we are leveraging our years of experience in communications and analytics to empower Microsoft Teams users with wellbeing trends, Team interactions analyses and customer engagement insights to maintain and drive better customer experience levels. Adding further features that also sit in our areas of expertise, such as recordings and call insights will expand our portfolio of Microsoft applications further.