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Top three trends shaping the workplace today, and the role of the channel

Customer Experience  Companies that already understand the value of a CX-first approach know that it requires a mindset of continuous improvement across the whole business. Ultimately, everyone in a business influences customer experience, even if they aren’t a designated touchpoint for the customer. Maintaining a CX-focus will re-shape the workplace in almost every aspect. Customer…

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Demonstrating the Value of Communications Management 

More and more businesses of all sizes are now seeing and realising the benefits call management can offer. This is because call management, or call analytics as we refer to it, delivers immediate insight into customer interactions across the business and the service levels they are offering their customers. Call management also delivers insight around…

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The future of Call Management

The Evolution of Call Management

Call management software has evolved far beyond the call loggers of old, with the market continually evolving. The development of communications management over the last three years has been phenomenal and is now so much more than call logging or call management. Communications management has taken on a completely different look today compared to five…

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5 Key Steps to Making Big Data Work for SMEs

Big data for SMEs is all about joining up various sources of data and using it to improve productivity and profitability. With accessibility via the cloud, big data enables smaller business to take advantage of the tools that were previously only available to larger corporates. Big data is basically a repository of information drawn from…

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The Future of Call Management for the Channel

Today call management applications are deployed either as on-premise, hybrid or cloud solutions.  From June, Tollring is launching the latest iteration of iCall Suite call analytics and recording as one single solution deployed in the cloud, as a hybrid model or on-premise, accessible on any device.  This will cover all of our channel needs as…

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