How Do You Better Recognise Team Success in a Hybrid World?

Reassessing team recognition post Covid-19

Hilary Oliver, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Tollring, discusses the importance of the employee experience.

The challenge of recognition, reward and retention

In my experience, creating a culture of responsibility and ‘ownership’ in every job role is critical to employee retention, coupled with performance reviews, open and honest communication and a clear career progression path. Recognition and praise are essential to well-being, carefully balanced with support to empower progression.

The effect of hybrid working

Post-Covid we have all learnt to manage remote teams, leveraging technology to manage differently. One-to-one time, video usage, chat, Teams and meetings have become vital components in leadership. Our team have a Friday virtual fun team call to meet as human beings, making up for lost time in person. Our ‘Celebrations’ team and twice-monthly company updates share positive news and recognition globally.

Is recognition more important in a hybrid world?

Personally, I don’t believe that recognition is any more important than it was pre-Covid, but we go about it differently and it is easier to overlook, so leaders should prioritise it. Regardless of Covid, good people are always hard to find and keep. Recognition and appreciation will always be essential to retain people and, with quality talent more important than ever, Tollring are working hard to make sure that we prioritise a people-first culture.