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Optimise customer engagement, staff wellbeing, and overall business performance with Phone Call and Collaboration analytics for Microsoft Teams. Through intuitive dashboards, leaders will gain valuable insights into team performance and trends, facilitating informed decision-making.


Collaboration AnalyticsDiscover Analytics 365 by Tollring

Unlock the full potential of your collaboration data with our certified app for Microsoft Teams. Gain unparalleled insights into your team’s collaboration patterns, usage trends, and productivity drivers. With real-time data and comprehensive reports, our tool empowers you to make informed decisions, optimise workflows, and drive meaningful outcomes.

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Phone Call AnalyticsPhone Analytics for Microsoft Teams Coming Soon

Our phone call analytics for Microsoft Teams will provide teams and individuals with unparalleled insights into call data, facilitating enhanced performance and productivity. With this powerful feature, businesses can elevate their communication strategies and make data-driven decisions for success.

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