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Tollring specialises in developing powerful business analytics solutions that seamlessly integrate with cloud UC telephony and Microsoft Teams.

Modular in design and proven as best-of-breed, partners can select and brand the products that suit their portfolio, to add value to propositions and achieve competitive differentiation.

Launching at Cavell Enable

iCall Suite for Teams

iCall Suite for Teams is a phone analytics service for Microsoft Teams that delivers valuable insight on customer interaction. Understand your customers, drive team performance, and manage service levels to maximise revenue and improve customer engagement. It makes it easy for your customers to:

  • Understand Your Customers
  • Drive Individual and Team Performance
  • Manage Service Levels

Coming Soon

Record AI

Record AI combines cloud call recording and artificial intelligence to analyse every conversation in the moment. Use sentiment and topic analysis to make better decisions, be more productive, reduce risk, and stay ahead of the competition. It makes it easy for your customers to:

  • Elevate Customer Engagement
  • Get Strategic Insight
  • Boost Sales
  • Manage Risk

A Portfolio Designed for Your Success

iCall Suite Image

Call Reporting and Wallboards

Call analytics are a proven differentiator but not just for customers – analytics add significant value to partner propositions.

Tollring analytics solutions have become best-of-breed and market-leading, following adoption by multiple service providers, telecoms manufacturers and system integrators. In addition to a suite of partner management tools, partners benefit from rapid Go-To-Market support, product localisation and multi-tier brand personalisation.

Tollring analytics deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Our solutions are accessible 24/7 from any device, offer multi-language capability for global rollouts, scalability, ease of use and attractive user interfaces. Various deployment options are available – cloud (private or shared instance), hybrid or on-premise.

Call Recording

Call recording with analytics is a powerful proposition, strengthening your product portfolio to provide a detailed understanding of a customers’ experience or ‘journey’.

Call recording with analytics and evaluation provides instant valuable feedback for qualitative research – a process that will add value to any customer service strategy. White label your call recording proposition for competitive differentiation.

Call recording adds instant value to your product portfolio.  Your customers will also see an immediate impact on their customer service strategy and can be used in conjunction with business analytics in the following ways:

  • Return missed calls
  • Call resolution
  • Analyse call wait time
  • Analyse call handling
  • Streamline processes
  • Link call recordings to CRM data

Collaboration Analytics

Optimise workflows, understand customer engagement, and promote staff wellbeing and motivation to increase customer experience.

Analytics 365 is a native app for Microsoft Teams, where you can focus on staff wellbeing and motivation to drive excellent customer engagement. Individuals can review their own collaboration analytics and managers can supervise multiple teams with ease.

Analytics 365 workplace analytics product features:

  • Simple dashboards to share critical business insight
  • Create your own dashboard view using KPIs that matter to you and share with co-workers
  • Manage permissions to facilitate compliance in line with data protection policies and individual privacy requirements

Fraud and Scam Protection

Tollring’s innovative fraud and credit management solution seamlessly integrates with leading hosted voice / SIP trunking platforms

Service providers benefit from automated real-time monitoring and alerts with predictive analysis of trends, to protect against fraud attacks.

Tollring’s powerful self-learning fraud and credit management solution detects incidents and protects from telecoms fraud on hosted voice and SIP trunking platforms. This scalable and easy to deploy carrier-grade solution is proven to offer comprehensive and intelligent real-time capability.

The solution machine-learns and uniquely combines a rigorous process of risk register and fraud rule checks, historical trend analyses and blacklisted destination reviews, in line with preset credit limits – on every call made.

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Our partners include network carriers, phone manufacturers, service providers and distributors.
Brand customisation options are available for private instance partners, including multi-tier branding.

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