Elevate Your Microsoft Teams Portfolio with AI-Powered Recording

AI-Powered Call Recording

Discover Analytics 365 compliance call recording: evaluation, transcription, keyword and sentiment analysis

There’s already over 320 million active users of Microsoft Teams, and 17 million users of Teams Phone. Capture the opportunity for enhanced call recording, differentiate your proposition, and increase your average revenue per user. Add Analytics 365 AI-Powered Recording to your portfolio today.

Benefits For Your Customers:

  • Elevate customer engagement – deliver consistently high service levels by evaluating customer interaction and sharing best practice.
  • Get ahead of the competition – unlock conversational insight to understand what customers are saying about your organisation.
  • Boost sales – improve engagement from first touch through to closing a deal. Review interaction, monitor performance and share tactics.
  • Manage risk – address customer dissatisfaction, resolve disputes and manage compliance concerns before reputation is impacted.

Benefits For You:

  • Simple to sell, deploy, manage and bill: Microsoft directory sync and SSO, billed via Microsoft’s own marketplace
  • Differentiate your offering: Through unique features, hands-on customer support, and innovative solutions, you can differentiate, creating a distinct market position
  • Increase revenue – ARPU and recurring: Satisfy customer needs and significantly contribute to both new and sustained revenue growth over time

Leverage the Power of AI Recording Today

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