Top Tips When Considering Workforce Mobility

Fresh Business Thinking offers 10 top tips when considering workforce mobility:
  1. Equip line managers with easy to understand information on their remote workforce
  2. Create a culture and awareness of continuous usage and policy monitoring
  3. Make sure users can see the data that is available to the business so they are more aware and more accountable
  4. Make it clear to your remote workers that they also benefit from monitoring not just the business
  5. Don’t ban them from the office. Encourage them to come in when colleagues are also in to ensure they understand they are still part of a team and help information sharing and friendships
  6. Monitoring is there to protect and help them. Not big brother!
  7. Ensure those managers tasked with governance, risk and compliance are equally committed
  8. Make sure they can do their jobs even when there is no connectivity or internet access. Off line tools and apps are critical
  9. Occasionally identify, highlight and fire warning shots to repeat offenders and make sure everybody knows non-compliance is a serious offence
  10. When considering BYOD, just remember; BYOD but not any old device! Think about BWYAT (Buy what……you are told) rather than BYOD. Keep the list of approved devices short.
  11. Make it work first, then make it good. Then make it great!

In summary, Remote Working can and will be good for all types and size of business there’s no doubt. The key is to keep it simple and adopt a culture of guidance not governance. You will get user error and accidents and prepare for user exploitation – it will happen. Focus on guidance and good practice. And seek proven Cloud based tools to make it happen.

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