The Cloud is Revolutionising Call Management


One of the most common benefits of cloud-based call management applications is their accessibility on any device at any time.  More important than this, is the accessibility of the right information at the right time. This may be via at-a-glance dashboards, text messages or email alerts, for example.  Expectations of business analytics applications run high these days.  Market demand and the development of the cloud are shaping these products and services, with the addition of new valuable enhancements.

Tollring predicts two particular areas will have a significant impact on the channel in 2016:

Fraud detection; renewed
Fraud has always been a hot topic and has continually presented its own challenges in the telecoms world, but the latest developments in cloud-based call management solutions are positively impacting the way the channel manages customers and their usage behaviour.

Fraud detection can combat call fraud, enforce usage policy and ultimately help service providers mitigate their fraud liability, by detecting variance in call activity as soon as it happens.  Customised rules-based alerts can be activated to monitor call trends and deliver business-critical information to both resellers and customers to immediately notify of irregular call behaviour.  Live notification alerts and actions can be delivered in the most effective way (via text / call / email / as a ‘live tile’ on a dashboard) via mobile device.

The cloud offers service providers the opportunity to proactively manage their resellers and customers using simple and effective call limit profiling methods that are easily configured, quick to set up and self-learning for ongoing protection.

Revenue assurance; designed for SPs
Although recurring revenue opportunities are synonymous with the cloud, the immediacy of cloud applications and the convergence of services makes revenue management an ongoing challenge for channel partners.  “Are we billing for all of the services our customers are using?”  “Are there any discrepancies between what is provisioned and what has been consumed?”

The availability of online provisioning has empowered the channel to manage their own customers and allows them to react quickly to customer demand, upselling or adding/removing licenses when required, however online provisioning can still result in reactive channel behaviour.

Cloud-based call analytics provides a real-time view of usage, showing how many users are active/inactive as well as which services are used and when.  Call management applications can ‘self-learn’ and accurately profile usage, resulting in an improved understanding of revenues.

The channel not only has the ability to proactively advise on products and services based on customer usage profiles, but also to protect their revenue streams through rich real-time data feeds that highlight any variances to the billing team.  Revenue assurance tools are becoming not only a way for the channel to bill accurately, but even more importantly, a way to differentiate themselves, adding real value to their service offering.

The cloud is revolutionising call management, with powerful new features that promote proactive customer management and competitive differentiation that ultimately delivers the channel the opportunity to protect revenues.

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