Steria Rationalises Communications Strategy Using Tollring iC360 Suite

Steria has halved mobile phone expenditure using Tollring’s iC suite business intelligence software.

Steria experienced a three-month return on their investment, achieving 67% of annual savings in areas including policy management, personal call management (cost recovery) and zero use lines.

The majority of Steria’s employees carry company-provided mobile phones and it appointed Tollring, leaders in business intelligence, to rationalise its current billing system, implement a cost-effective communication management solution and halve its costs. Following Steria’s aggressive acquisition programme the team had been forced to manage multiple telecoms vendors with multiple billing dates, multiple billing periods, incompatible bill formats, numerous tariffs and numerous inventories and structures.

The iC suite from Tollring that Steria implemented, takes data underlying a company’s operations and transforms it into actionable intelligence, to help users visualise, understand and better manage their resources. iC mobility, the mobility module of iC suite, was implemented at Steria over an eight-week period. The technical, data and IT-related aspects of the project were provided by Tollring as part of a managed service, reducing the involvement of the Steria IT department and analysts as much as possible. Once installed, Facilities and Finance were, with just a few minutes training, able to use the solution immediately. iC mobility from Tollring had a significant and positive impact on day-to-day business from day one, helping the company to realise immediate and substantial continuous savings. Commenting on the new solution Simon Tibbles, Senior Consultant at Steria said; “iC suite is a truly self-funding solution. Not only has our monthly mobile telecoms expenditure been halved, but iC suite paid for itself in just three months.”

In just four months, lines were consolidated from 4264 to 3584, tariffs were changed and un-allocated lines and subscriptions were re-assigned or ceased. Billing between the various telecoms providers was harmonised and Steria had one common platform for inventory management. Processes were automated, such as cost re-charging, resulting in a reduction of headcount and the HR department managed personal calls using a single paperless solution.

Article published in Mobile Business Magazine