Launch of new white paper on the 3rd Platform and its implications for the Channel

Tollring launches a new white paper that gives the channel insights into how they can make the transition to valuable cloud-based services.  The paper looks at the importance of analytics, the benefits of a hybrid models, suggests ways to access big data and gives pointers on how to monetise services and incentivise sales teams.

Carl Boraman, Commercial Director of Tollring and co-author of the report says, “We want to help resellers to recognise the types of questions they need to ask and identify the traditional behaviours they may need to change when making the cultural shift to the cloud.  This is a big opportunity and we don’t want anyone to be left out in the cold.”

He adds, “The good news is that vendors and their customers don’t have to make a total switch to all these new technologies.  The 3rd Platform offers incremental recurring revenues that can be tacked on to an existing business rather than needing a complete shift from one to another.  This is perfect for those who are still successfully delivering volume placements; they can now add on hosted analytics to generate incremental revenues.  It means a reseller can dip their toe in the water with no risk to traditional revenue streams.”

Whilst the paper outlines the many opportunities, it also recognises the issues facing the channel such as:

  • Are they prepared to re-invest and move away from the low risk, CAPEX business model that accompanied on-premise investments in hardware, software and integration service?
  • Are they willing to re-engineer their businesses and re-train their people to the new utility consumption-based model that comes with cloud-based services?
  • If they delay, will their existing customers begin to look at alternative “cloud centric” vendors?
  • And how long will the CAPEX type of customers and orders be available?

“What’s interesting is that many small to medium sized businesses are already using 3rd platform services such as Microsoft Office 365,” observes Carl.  “And it is worth noting that most have made this transition without any upheaval and with minimal disruption. We want to show that the move to the 3rd Platform can be relatively pain free and far less painful that the possibility of lost customers and order.” 

The paper coincides with the introduction of Tollring’s new iCall Suite 2016 – a unified platform for Tollring’s traditional on-premise partners as well as for those extending into the 3rd Platform.  For Tollring’s on-premise friends, they can now use one system with no loss of features.  They have access to the new world of cloud applications whilst allowing them to maximise existing revenue streams. The refreshed look and feel of iCall Suite 2016 with its extensive set of APIs makes it fast and easy to commission new customers, and information can be personalised easily for specific recipient’s roles and requirements.

Please click here to download your copy of the white paper.