iCall Suite Interactive Training Series 2022On-Demand Sessions

Below you will find the available on-demand sessions for the iCall Suite Interactive Training Series.

Session 1: Prospect Qualification & Deal-closing Demos

This session will give you the tools and structure you need to wow your customers with iCall Suite Call Analytics. This session will be of interest to account managers that are arranging analytics demos as well as those involved in delivering demos.

Session 2: Customer Experience – Managing Missed Calls

Poor call answer performance can damage an organisation’s reputation, resulting in lost customers and reduced revenues. This session will provide guidance on how iCall Suite Call Analytics can be used to analyse missed calls and minimise business impact.

Session 3: Customer Experience – Managing Busy Periods

Almost every organisation is challenged by peaks in call traffic. This session will explore how iCall Suite Call Analytics can help frontline teams to meet these challenges. 

Session 4: Customer Experience – Managing Performance

Running business communications without analytics is rather like driving a car without a dashboard. In this session we examine how iCall Suite can drive better decision making and supercharge business performance.

Session 5: Strengthen Your Proposition With iCall Suite Reporting

In this product focused session, we look at iCall Suite’s extensive reporting capability, delving into individual reports and exploring how filtering and scheduling can be used to provide insight across a business. Learn about common use case examples to help you engage prospects and win more business by leading with business analytics.

Session 6: Strengthen Your Proposition With iCall Suite Pre-Configured Dashboards & Wallboards

This product focused session will help you understand how to get started with pre-configured dashboards and wallboards. Access business performance insight at a user, team, and business level to improve decision making.

Session 7: Strengthen Your Proposition With iCall Suite Custom Dashboards & Wallboards

In this product focused session will show you how to create custom dashboards and wallboards for frontline staff, team leaders and managers. Include KPI tiles, graphs and data tables, as well as external news feeds and customer data to keep everyone informed.

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