Contact Centre Analytics Alongside Business Call Analytics Delivers a Holistic View


​Tollring delivers contact centre (CC) analytics alongside business call analytics to provide a holistic view of the business environment.

​Over the last few years, Tollring has been working with technology partners such as Mitel, BroadSoft, Ericsson-LG and Samsung who want to deliver a richer CC solution. These companies are embedding our analytics into their systems to enhance the user’s experience by offering greater business intelligence.

Our analytics are integrated with our partners’ CC technologies, alongside enterprise-wide call monitoring and combined with other technologies such CRM systems. This provides more joined up information that incorporates a CC but is not solely for the CC. Our single dashboard displays sophisticated analytics to show all the customer touchpoints across an organisation including the CC, multisite calls, emails, website enquiries and social media.

Customer service is a key driver in the market that fits well with our analytics. Understanding how a business is servicing a customer is extremely complex and organisations want to understand the customer journey across the whole enterprise rather than just what’s happening within a specific CC.

Another key trend that we see is our partners are looking to deliver solutions to larger companies and multi-site organisations – these are often complex enterprises with numerous customer touch points beyond the CC.

Opportunities in the Contact Centre Market
The opportunities in the CC market are significant.  Many of our clients have existing CC solutions that no longer deliver a return on investment in terms of customer service. However, with our cloud-based analytics, existing technologies can be adapted so customers can gain a better understanding of what is happening across their CC and their overall business.

So rather than undertake complete technology transformations, we look to enhance existing technologies and take the customer on a journey of transformation. We’re not providing the CC technology itself, we provide enhanced understanding for the CC and the customer.  This approach is proving to be extremely successful and we expect this to continue over the coming years.

Top Tips on Closing Deals
You need to monetise an offer and show customers the return on an investment. This means talking about the business value and the outcomes rather than the physical technology.

For example, we often highlight the metric for unreturned missed calls and convert this into a figure that represents a cost for each missed sale. Looking at business and financial outcomes rather than the physical outcomes is very powerful.

Caller tolerance in specific markets is another interesting metric when comparing how long a customer is prepared to wait for their call to be answered. We may be content to wait an hour for a reply from the tax office but a minute’s wait for a high street retailer may be far too long and result in lost business.

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