Access4 enhances SASBOSS platform with new Call Analytics

Access4 enhances SASBOSS platform with new Call AnalyticsMelbourne, Australia – 7 April 2022:  Access4, the leader in SaaS Unified Communication solutions for managed service providers (MSP), has strengthened its SASBOSS provisioning and management platform with the latest iCall Suite call analytics powered by Tollring.

Access4’s SASBOSS platform eliminates the huge operational and strategic costs of implementing carrier grade unified communications, giving MSPs access to best of breed software providers, such as Tollring. Access4’s partners can now offer businesses the ability to measure and analyse call performance from across an entire enterprise, multiple teams, and individuals.

Tim Jackson, Managing Director, Access4 says, “Customer experience analytics are a major opportunity for MSPs as businesses prioritise customer experience at the forefront of their organisations. Businesses are looking for embedded analytics like iCall Suite that are more digestible and don’t require them to learn new skills or invest additional time. The ability to gather, monitor and act on insights from customer interactions is a great addition to our portfolio and will help our partners and their customers drive better decision-making, business productivity and success.”

A recent report from Zendesk shows that customer experience is becoming a priority both for businesses and their customers. Over half of customers believe that customer experience is more important to them now compared to a year ago (pre-pandemic). Additionally, over 50 per cent of customers will switch to a competitor after one bad experience, with over 80 per cent switching to a competitor after more than one bad experience.

With iCall Suite call reporting, MSPs can give their customers insights into every call, better understand customer experience, identify issues, and boost team performance. Businesses can identify if calls are handled within specified service levels using live wallboards, dashboards and reporting. Users can then understand if calls are answered on time, or not answered, how long callers are willing to wait, assess if staff spend the right amount of time on each call and if they respond to customers appropriately – across the business. Ratings are available on the overall call journey experience including multiple call journeys over a selected period of time together with daily trends and sentiment analysis.

In addition, managers can also measure and compare the effectiveness of call groups and queues, then structure teams to ensure the right people are available when needed to deliver a resolution on first contact. New Supervisor and Agent Consoles are optimised for customer-facing teams and empower supervisors to make real-time data-driven decisions and drive the highest performance from agents. Call journey analysis can be further enhanced via integrations with CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Zendesk, Workbooks, Nimble, FreshSales, Agile or MS Dynamics 365.

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring says, “In our new hybrid working world, there is a greater need to gain a more rounded view of customer experience. The shorter and more efficient a customer’s call journey, the better their experience – and good experiences lead to greater loyalty and retention.

Businesses need complete flexibility and control to ensure call analytics reflect their unique operation and enable them to monitor every call journey in line with their customer service level requirements.

“Throughout our partnership with Access4 it’s been clear that they really understand customer experience, as we are delighted to assist them in making best practice CX a reality for businesses across Australia and New Zealand.”

Brendan Gallagher, Director & Co-founder of BroadConnect Technologies, said, “We are committed to giving our customers absolute priority with powerful cloud communication solutions that improve the efficiency of their businesses and enhance the way they serve their customers.

“iCall Analytics & Reporting provides an unmatched level of visual control of user extensions and client engagement, all inbound and outbound call flow, management and reporting in a format that is easy, logical, automated and just makes sense.

“A best of market enterprise cloud solution is highly valued by our customers and BroadConnect’s project management and technical team skills along with reputation for speed help make Analytics and Reporting a critically important and exciting must add for all businesses.”

Brad Aldcroft,  IT & Special Project Manager at Red Spot Car Rental, said, “iCall Analytics & Reporting  is incredibly useful across Red Spot Rental.  We’re utilising all aspects of iCall analytics. Our area managers use the daily scheduled reports on extension call activity and even benchmark branches and set KPIs for call answers. It also gives me and the call centre crew insights on where we can (and have) changed call flows to improve call answer rates and have even increased our call centre team with remote workers to help with the volume of calls.  The analytics is a crucial part of the whole system, and without it we’d be flying blind as we previously were.”