Tollring Launches New Contact Centre Solution for Mid-Market

Uxbridge, UK – 6th October 2020: Tollring, leaders in Call Analytics and Call Recording solutions, has launched its new iCall Suite contact centre solution on the Cisco BroadWorks Cloud Calling platform. Optimised for customer-facing teams in the mid-market, it introduces new supervisor and agent consoles for call centre agent management, call control, team analytics and collaboration.

Subscribers to iCall Suite on BroadWorks can now gain a full understanding of their contact centre operations within the context of their entire business performance, and benefit from visibility of the complete customer journey (both in and outside the contact centre). This new functionality will help organisations to improve staff productivity at every customer touchpoint and maximise customer experience.

Medium-sized operations that want to manage the performance of smaller, distributed, or multi-functional teams now have access to the proven capabilities of contact centre management tools. The new collaborative workspaces enable supervisors to understand customer interactions, predict trends, and influence the performance of their agents, whilst agents in the front line have control over customer communications and access to performance views to ensure they can consistently deliver the best customer experience.

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring says, “We’ve been delivering call management solutions in the mid-market space for many years, focusing on business communications reporting, visualisation and call recording. Now we are providing a whole new level of contact centre features that empower supervisors to make real-time decisions and drive the highest performance from agents. Users now have access to the exact tools that they need to do their job effectively to maximise customer experience. Mid-market enterprises can leverage these new subscription licenses in iCall Suite for end-to-end customer journey management and agent productivity”.

Supervisors armed with collaboration tools, analytics, and predictive resource modelling have a greater understanding of how agents are performing and can better make real-time decisions. The supervisor console provides a comprehensive view of performance across all call queues. They can manage live calls, monitor customer interactions and review call recordings. Supervisors can also measure customer experience in real time based on agent availability, and review the impact of breaks and shifts on service levels.

The agent console provides access to live call and customer interactions with integration to their CRM system for effective communication. Chat capabilities, call backs, call scheduling and call escalation help both supervisors and agents to deliver a more meaningful and positive customer experience.

Tollring’s iCall Suite is tightly integrated with leading calling platforms, providing businesses with complete visibility across all customer facing elements of their organisation, not just the call centre, all within one portal. The new contact centre supervisor and agent console for Cisco BroadWorks are part of Tollring’s flexible and scalable subscription licensing model. The subscription model enables partners to scale features to suit the size of business, with full flexibility in pricing to deliver value to their customers based on their exact needs.

Summary of key features:

  • CRM Integration via API

Supervisor Console: Empowers supervisors to manage call centre agents

  • Dedicated supervisor console to monitor live calls, look after VIP customers and manage call centre agents
  • KPI statistics displayed on live tiles
  • Manage today’s calls in queue, calls in progress and ringing
  • Automate callbacks in line with prioritisation policy
  • Monitor performance in line with service levels and against specific KPIs
  • Optimise resources using predictive modelling
  • Upload scripts
  • View agent presence, authorise and manage agent breaks in line with service level impact
  • Supervisor-agent collaboration through chat and notifications

Agent Console: Improves agent productivity

  • Dedicated agent console to manage calls
  • Script presentation
  • View and request breaks
  • Agent-supervisor collaboration through chat and notifications