The Next Generation of Call Recording

Tollring advocates the importance of integrating call recording with analytics to maximise the understanding of customer interactions across the business.  Companies can maximise customer intelligence by analysing inbound and outbound calls regularly to identify issues, improve performance and establish trends.

As analytics solutions make rapid advancements leveraging cloud technology, compliance will be better served.  With the new MiFID II regulations now active and the GDPR deadline approaching, compliance is a hot topic of 2018, forcing call recording functionality changes and the introduction of the next generation of call recording solutions.  Essentially, it is more important than ever that channel partners fully understand the markets in which their customers operate, then are able to offer advice on call recording best practice within each of those markets.  End users will be relying on the channel to provide consolidated advice across their entire solution portfolio, relevant to their individual business.

In the run up to the GDPR deadline, call recording software developers, like Tollring, will provide full details of how compliance can be facilitated in relation to their software.  It is important to note, however that although software ‘facilitates’ compliance it remains the case that correct usage of relevant functionality is key – especially in the SME arena.  For mid-market companies, compliance requirements tend to be more formal and automated, for example PCI DSS compliance for card payments tends to involve more sophisticated solutions that allow customers to enter credit card details using their keypad and hence call recording solutions must be able to cater for DTMF suppression.

Although compliance is a key focus in 2018, in our opinion planned changes to call recording software in order to facilitate compliance will significantly enhance current products, adding, for example, better audit logging, call recording management and control.  The next generation of call recording products will add further value to partner propositions and from a sales perspective will present an upsell opportunity for the channel.

We see the value of integration across an organisation’s wider business systems also becoming more important not only to assist in meeting compliance objectives, but to enhance an organisation’s customer experience and to help businesses realise value.  Call recording will become more accessible via better integration by leveraging APIs.  The Cloud is having a significant impact by making this possible and more affordable.

The next generation of call recording will be further enhanced by the adoption of AI services delivered via the Cloud.  These services will enable exciting developments such as speech-to-text and sentiment analysis so that call recording and video content can be analysed more effectively.  This will deliver a new level of business intelligence around customer interactions, facilitated by call recording content.

Written for Comms Business feature on Call Recording.