Hosted Call Logging 

Hosted Call Logging Software

Utilising our iC360 suite hosted platform, we can provide a fully managed service to ensure you get the very best from our call logging service. Our servers are hosted in the very best data centres and provide 24/7 access with security that meets the most stringent tests.

What is Tollring hosted call management?

  • A module in iC360 suite
  • Hosted call reporting
    • multiple telephone systems
    • across multiple sites
    • across multiple countries
  • Shares the same inventory as Tollring Fixed Carrier and Mobile Manager
  • Fully hosted SaaS based service
  • Powerful telephone performance management

Read more about iC360 suite hosted call logging:

Read more about iCall Suite call management:

A true business Intelligence utility that will help you:

  • Log every single call
  • Apply policies
  • Provide alerts and notifications of policy breaches
  • Create Extension / cost centre invoices
  • Report on all aspects of your telephone system
  • Drive responsible use
  • Automate carrier bill charging-on

What does iC360 suite do?

  • Greater control of telecoms assets, users and expense
  • Better visualisation of users/location in the Corporate hierarchy
  • Empowers Budget Holders and Cost Centre Managers
  • Understand where the money is being spent and by whom
  • Visibility to inbound call traffic and your performance metrics
  • Effective tools to help manage user policies
  • Automates F&A monthly routines
  • Stop abuse, ensure VAT Compliance
  • Save money : Immediately & ongoing

How is it unique?

  • Accessible to all staff including Line Managers & end users
  • Fixed line Personal Call Management for cost recovery
  • Comprehensive Inventory and Asset Management
  • Re-rates – Reinstatement of actual costs
  • Dashboard for every user
  • Enhanced access & reporting for every user
  • Multiple reporting outputs: CSV, HTML, Excel, PDF
  • All reports can be tailored and scheduled to run automatically
  • Unprecedented levels of control, reporting and analysis

Read our iC360 suite hosted call logging brochure or visit for more details.

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