Achieving Compliance

with iCall Suite

iCall Suite enhances customer experience to facilitate GDPR compliance

Upgrades are available across all of our solutions to provide our users with the ability to meet their GDPR compliance obligations.  Call recording is significantly affected by new GDPR regulations but iCall Suite GDPR-specific product enhancements both benefit call recording users and users of call reporting functionality (without call recording).

Tollring has introduced strong functionality accessible to authorised users via a new compliance centre in iCall Suite.  Compliance features vary across products and across deployment methods, due to the nature of technology differences, so please view our GDPR videos for further details.

The comprehensive list of new features across the iCall Suite portfolio* includes:

  • Filterable Audit Reporting, allowing audit data to be exported on usage, deletions and changes.
  • CLI Masking (within reporting data), to satisfy those customers that do not wish to appear on unreturned missed call lists.
  • Extension Archiving, for complete accuracy on call activity reporting following extension reallocation.
  • Definable Call Recording Policy Rules; by department, by call direction, whitelisting (for legitimate call recording which does not require consent) and blacklisting (where consent has not been granted).
  • Compliance Dashboard containing key compliance metrics (filterable by date), such as percentage of calls rejected (not recorded), total call recordings deleted and pending deletion and total call recordings paused and resumed for PCI DSS compliance purposes.
  • Call Recording Deletion; depending on deployment method, call recordings can be deleted in line with a specified business policy, either individually or in bulk.
  • Allocate an extension to an unmatched on-premise call recording (those non-attributable to an extension)

*Please note that compliance features vary across products and deployment methods.