Tollring Wins Award for Best Call Management Solution 2022

Tollring is thrilled to have won the Best Call Management Solution category at the Comms National Awards 2022 held at London’s Hilton Hotel on Park Lane on 13 Oct 2022. 

This award is for everyone at Tollring who helps us develop and take to market our leading call analytics software, iCall Suite. Now holding 4‘Best Call Management’ awards from the CNAwards over recent years, we demonstrate our dedication to creating quality products that evolve, grow and advance to meet ever-changing market demand and empower decisions across the globe.  

Tony Martino, Tollring CEO said, “This award and our success are only possible through our close working relationships with partners and their continual drive to leverage integrations and maximise iCall Suite’s value.  

“So a very special thank you to 4Com and 4Sight for your glowing testimonials. These and many other of our hugely successful partners have embraced iCall Suite analytics as integral to their overall proposition in order to deliver market-leading value and business-critical customer experience. 

“Analytics have never been more vital while hybrid working practices mature. Every business today is looking towards data analytics to drive business decisions. The insights we provide via iCall Suite not only allow stakeholders to make informed decisions and drive better outcomes, but also empower customer success and employee retention strategies.”