CCO appointment to drive Tollring’s customer success strategy

Uxbridge, UK – 9th July 2024: Hilary Oliver has been appointed Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of Tollring to drive the company’s customer success strategy. Hilary extends her Chief Marketing and Experience role to now be responsible for existing customer revenues as well as ensuring that consistency in customer experience, customer satisfaction and retention remain integral to the overall business strategy.

Hilary has always been in a customer-centric role since she joined Tollring in 2012, with an ongoing focus and consideration for both their current and future needs . In 2016, Hilary was appointed to Tollring’s board as Marketing Director with a remit to accelerate the company’s marketing strategy and partner programmes. This role encompassed all elements of internal and external communications and her team soon expanded to include product user experience and user acceptance testing.

Hilary says, “Everyone who buys or sells our suite of software is a valued customer and we strive to ensure that their experience in working with Tollring and using our products is excellent from the outset.  By ensuring that we are a pleasure to do business with, we will nurture and extend their business with us.

“Over the years, customer expectations of technology have shifted, and everyone now assumes that all software applications will simply open in a window and work. To deliver on this expectation, we have had to study and understand every customer journey, analysing for ease of use and consistency in experience, no matter where our software is accessed or how it is purchased. Achieving this high level of customer experience relies on having high quality products, which is supported by our annual business commitment to ISO standards; 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 International Information Security. 

“Our customer success strategy focuses on customer retention, spotting opportunity, lowering cost of acquisition and driving consistency in engagement throughout all our routes to market. We also look to maximise market opportunties, such as Microsoft’s marketplaces, to provide more choice to customers and partners, helping them to deliver and use exceptional products that are intuitive and require little training.”

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring says, “Hilary has been instrumental in ensuring that every aspect of our corporate culture, from the top down, is focused on the customer. Her expanded role will further enhance our relationships with customers across all our touchpoints and ensure our people are united in striving for excellence.”

Tollring leads the way in analytics and recording products globally, with over 30 years of communications expertise and strives to match its technical excellence with a level of customer experience that meets every customers’ needs and expectations.