2015 Call Recording Trends

  1. The demand for call recording continues to grow amongst SMEs.  Not only has the cost reduced, but more and more businesses recognise value far beyond the regulatory protection call recording provides, as they discover that the mining of these calls reveals invaluable customer insight.  Monitoring call quality and staff performance, resolving “who said what” disputes, rescuing defecting customers, revealing customer service workflow issues and facilitating staff training on call handling techniques all significantly contribute to improving customer service.
  2. The cost of ownership of fully integrated products is greatly reduced over that of stand-alone products.  They are simpler to deploy and the quality of the user experience is greatly improved.  icall suite fully integrated call management from Tollring matches 100% of calls to recordings.
  3. 76% of Tollring’s business reporting solutions sold today include call recording.
  4. There are now 3 ways to deploy call recording; on-premise, via the cloud or via the hybrid method, which offers web access to premise-based call recording.  This hybrid model delivers the best of both cloud and on-premise, by addressing security concerns through local access to recordings as well as delivering the mobile-ready benefit of cloud offerings.