Download the Fraud Protection Case Study

What’s in this Case Study?

The case study highlights how a cloud communications pioneer implemented Tollring’s fraud and credit management solution for its Cisco BroadWorks platform to enhance fraud detection and customer protection.

Previously, the provider used a basic fraud management tool that only monitored call patterns to high-value destinations, lacking the ability to assess the financial value of calls, leading to manual intervention and customer friction.

After adopting Tollring’s solution, the provider benefits from automated fraud detection, tailored to individual customer traffic profiles, and real-time alerts based on actual call costs, significantly reducing manual workload and enhancing customer trust.

Tollring’s system’s capability to block fraudulent calls based on predefined spend limits and historical trends has alleviated operational stress and improved service reliability. Moving forward, the provider is extending its fraud protection to a Direct Routing platform for Microsoft Teams, maintaining high standards of security and support for its expanding customer base.


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