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Seamless Transition, Maximum Impact

Introducing iCall Suite, the solution that not only replaces Cisco Broadworks ECCR product, but improves your call centre analytics and recording capabilities. The only alternative for your customers’ call centre needs.

Add iCall Suite and AI-Powered Recording to your portfolio to discover a range of new possibilities.

Over 90% Feature Parity

iCall Suite offers the metrics and reports that you need, with an intuitive user interface to offer minimal disruption, maximum results.

A Solution for Now and the Future

iCall Suite’s rich feature set includes AI-Powered Recording, and agent and supervisor consoles. Boost your proposition to capture new business, and guide existing customers to a new age of insight to safeguard your relationships for the long term.

Swift Switch Over, Seamless Integration

Our cloud-based delivery, intuitive user interface and guided migration process enable a swift switch over. And, with best-in-class support, we are here every step of the way.

With over eight years of experience in providing call analytics and recording solutions, we are well placed to support partners and end customers transition away from ECCR.

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