Got the “Swivel Chair” Blues? Tollring teams with Park Bench Solutions in powerful co-development partnership to optimize Service Providers leveraging Cisco BroadWorks

Tampa, FL (USA) – April 29th, 2021: Global software developers Tollring and Park Bench Solutions have signed an exciting, new co-development partnership.

Park Bench, based in Tampa Florida, serves over five million Cisco BroadWorks VoIP subscribers around the world via its award-winning odin productivity platform, delivering full self-service management, simple “no code” app integrations, full configuration backup and restore, live migration capabilities and more, for service providers around the globe.

The complete Tollring portfolio of products, iCall Suite call analytics, contact center, recording and fraud management services is integrated with odin (and BroadWorks) via robust webhooks and API functionality from Park Bench. Through the partnership, Park Bench aims to streamline the reference architecture for service providers, instil confidence through a best-of-breed end-to-end solution and eliminate the “swivel chair blues” caused when switching between different application portals downstream in the provisioning process.

With easy, automated provisioning of Tollring’s applications via odin, service providers can quickly enable their customers to measure and analyze call performance across an entire platform, reseller, customer, contact center, multiple teams, or individuals.  Tollring’s iCall Suite delivers in-depth insights into every call through real-time reports and dashboards so businesses can better understand and evaluate customer experience, identify issues, meet strict call recording compliance requirements, and ultimately maximize productivity.

Tollring’s fraud management solution can also be managed by service providers via the single odin portal, enhancing security and adding value through trust, helping to promote loyalty amongst their customers.

The power of odin lies in its API, webhooks and automation capabilities. Service providers leveraging the odin platform can delight their customers and resellers alike with self-service branding and the most granular controls to ensure standards and compliance.  The odin platform includes a full suite of productivity and development tools that enable service providers to radically boost profits and time to market.   

James L. Lee, Managing Partner & COO at Park Bench says, “We are closely aligned with Tollring in our aims to solve the typical pains and challenges that our global service providers face each day, particularly when managing an array of fragmented and siloed systems.  We call this the ‘swivel-chair’ blues.  

“By integrating Tollring’s valuable insights and dashboards directly into the odin experience and making it easier, faster and less costly for providers to incorporate their tools and systems into BroadWorks, we provide our partners with a unique opportunity to enhance their product offerings and stay one step ahead of their competition.” 

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring says, “There are considerable synergies between our organisations. We have many mutual partnerships and customers who can leverage our combined expertise and solutions. We will also be able to consolidate our global reach in terms of how we buy, sell, and take our propositions to market. Our unified vision empowers this co-development partnership, which will maximise opportunity for BroadWorks service providers across the globe.” 


About Park Bench Solutions 

Park Bench was founded in Tampa Florida in 2012 and provides the world’s oldest, most powerful productivity and innovation platform for global service providers leveraging Cisco BroadWorks.   

The award-winning odin platform offers service providers a simple and efficient way to optimize profits, accelerate innovation and manage their VoIP solutions and launch successful and uniquely branded customer, reseller and admin experiences at will.  

The odin Platform is a must-have solution for Telecom M&A and consolidation projects that require immediate integration. 

About odin  

In November 2020, Park Bench was awarded Top API Solutions Provider by CIO Applications.  Park Bench is the only company since the launch of the annual API edition in 2018 to achieve this award all three years in a row.   

The odin Platform listens to all BroadWorks events and actions. Webhooks easily, securely and automatically stream selected data out to any designated third-party endpoint.  The odin APIs are then used to send queries or instructions into BroadWorks using a RESTful API instead of more complex integrations that otherwise would need to be developed against a much more complex and proprietary native API (called the OCI) that is slightly different between each version of BroadWorks.  The odin Platform allows other applications to unlock, consume and interact with valuable data normally trapped inside the BroadWorks platform.  The odin API is a code once solution that also translates between all revisions of BroadWorks.  Leveraging this powerful API can  eliminate the typical development, ongoing upkeep and regression testing each time there is a new update or version of BroadWorks released. 

Park Bench built its RESTful odin API in 2012, years ahead of any competitor, and is the only solution on the market today that offers Service Providers with a 100% coverage guarantee of the entire BroadWorks OCI and all CommPilot features that Service Providers may require.  Other unique features include zero infrastructure requirements, odin Multi-Tenant (where a single instance of odin centralizes all self-branded portals, auto-provisioning, customer support, app development and integrations, training and support documentation into one place), self-branded portal experiences, ability to perform full configuration backups and point-in-time recoverability, live migrations (even between different BroadWorks versions and locations) and an unparalleled platform resilience design leveraging auto-scale and auto-failover features of all resources throughout the platform.