Tollring Tackles Fraud in Cloud Telephony


Tollring is taking major steps to tackle the issue of fraud in cloud telephony.  Alongside new Fraud and Credit Management tools within its iCall Suite 2016 analytics platform, the company has joined key players in the fight against fraud including the Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association (ITSPA), the Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum (TUFF) and the Association of Fraud Examiners (AFE).

Fraud and Credit Management are the latest additions to Tollring’s iCall Suite analytics platform. delivering a comprehensive and intelligent ‘spot and block’ capability in real-time on hosted voice and SIP trunking platforms.  The system not only protects against significant financial losses from fraud attempts, it also includes credit and spend limit management which prevents customer bill shock, reduce bad debt and decrease customer churn.

Tony Martino, MD of Tollring says, “Telecoms fraud costs the industry billions of pounds each year, with the average fraud attack costing the end customer many thousands of pounds, enough sometimes to bankrupt organisations. It’s a massive challenge in cloud telephony and these industry organisations are playing a major role in raising awareness. We are also helping our service provider partners and their resellers to take a more proactive role so that their end customers are equipped with the latest technologies and approaches to combat call fraud, to ensure company policies are enforced and to achieve agreed levels of service.”

Service providers and resellers can mitigate fraud using iCall Suite’s in-built proprietary rules engine which validates the authenticity of each call made.  The real-time Detect Dashboard monitors any fraud rule or credit limit breaches and based on a desired course of action, further calls can be barred or notifications activated.  Live notification alerts can be delivered to a mobile via text, email or on via the dashboard.  Detailed call type, usage, black-list and incident reports deliver business-critical information to service providers and resellers for ongoing monitoring.

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  • The Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association (ITSPA) helps to develop standards and best practice initiatives as well as lobby on regulatory and political challenges.
  • Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum (TUFF) is a forum for the exchange of information and the promotion of a united effort against telecommunications fraud
  • Association of Fraud Examiners (ACFE) is the largest anti-fraud organisation and the premier provider of anti-fraud training education and certification.