Tollring Announces Innovative Analytics Subscription Model to Meet Market Demand

Uxbridge, UK – 15th June 2020 – Tollring launches a new simple, flexible, and scalable subscription licensing model for its iCall Suite analytics and call recording service to make business critical customer interaction data accessible to as many people as possible. Tollring has reengineered iCall Suite around its users, enabling them to subscribe to the features that best meet their needs whilst providing the necessary flexibility so partners can widen their addressable market.

By removing complexity, Tollring makes it easier for partners to plug iCall Suite directly into their own offerings and ecosystems. Partners can then focus on delivering the exact functionality that their customers need, with each user having access to the features that are right for them. The subscription pricing model enables partners to scale analytics to suit business size, with flexibility in pricing to meet the different needs and types of customer.

Tollring’s revolutionary approach represents the culmination of months of research on partners, service providers, distributors and resellers that deliver solutions to end users. The study explored the value of Tollring’s analytics and mapped product features to different user profiles, relating to value and their areas of interest. Using the concept of user personas, Tollring has aligned its analytics and insights on what it’s wide range of users value the most based on their business role.

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring says, “This a major step forward in Tollring’s innovation strategy as we move away from delivering separate products with specific feature sets. Instead we now allow users within an organisation to access the features that best meet their needs without the constraints of the product that is provisioned. We have also moved away from charging for monitored end-points and agents, which further simplifies our pricing and provides our partners with the flexibility to deploy iCall Suite across their entire customer base, both large and small. We believe that this, coupled with our ability to deliver our services via the cloud, places us in a unique position in the analytics market.”

“Part of the story is about commercial simplicity, but it is also about embedding and integrating iCall Suite within our partners’ processes. We are making it easier for partner to integrate our analytics within their orchestration tools, to further differentiate, and seamlessly deliver added value to their processes. We will help them to expand into the mid-enterprise market, to sell in the way that their customers want to buy, ensuring that each user at every customer site has access to the functionality they really need at a price that is not prohibitive.”

The new subscription model offers three levels of access that have been tailored to the user personas identified in Tollring’s research. Essentials offers individual or business insights across one or more customer touchpoints, the Advanced option provides more detailed reporting, wallboards and dashboards for enhanced analysis of team performance, and the Ultimate package is geared towards managing customer-facing teams and agents with access to live wallboards and call centre analytics. In addition, fully integrated bolt-on services include call recording and new contact centre supervisor and agent features with the ability to project multiple wallboards.

Tony adds, “We are working closely with our partners, and initial feedback has been tremendous with a number due to launch new services in the coming months. With collaboration and sharing of information across teams now more critical than ever, we are all acutely aware of the role we play in delivering visibility of data to customers who need to juggle the management of both remote and office workers.”