Make Your Microsoft Teams Estate Work Harder for You 

Add Call and Collaboration Analytics to Your Portfolio

There’s already over 300 million active users of Microsoft Teams. Differentiate your proposition, and increase your average revenue per user by adding Call and Collaboration Analytics from Tollring.

Benefits for your customers:

  • Facilitate hybrid working: Employees can balance remote and in-office work, extending flexibility to customers
  • Drive customer experience: Gather valuable insights about customer preferences and behaviours
  • Improve employee productivity: Enhance quality of work, streamline processes and improve employee wellbeing

Benefits for you:

  • Simple to sell, deploy, manage and bill: Streamlining the above means minimal potential disruptions during implementation
  • Differentiate your offering: Through unique features, hands-on customer support, and innovative solutions, you can differentiate, creating a distinct market position
  • Increase revenue – ARPU and recurring: Satisfy customer needs and significantly contribute to both new and sustained revenue growth over time

Are you ready to make the most out of your Microsoft Teams estate?

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