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Tolling is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

Tollring Celebrates Another Clean Sweep of ISO Certifications

Uxbridge, UK – 9 August 2021: Tollring has delivered another clean sweep on certifications having secured its ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and ISO 27001 International Information Security Standard.  The company has achieved these certifications each year since 2009 and 2015 respectively.  The two standards demonstrate Tollring’s full commitment to quality, information security and customer…

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Tollring integrates iCall Suite for MiVoice Business within Mitel’s core infrastructure

Uxbridge, UK – 6 September 2022: Tollring announces that iCall Suite for MiVoice Business is now available direct within Mitel’s online subscription service.  The new integration enables Mitel partners to access Tollring’s powerful call tracking analytics at a click of a button without the need to invest and install separate servers or data collectors. Tollring…

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Scam Calling: The Risk of Not Fighting Back

There is a real danger that customers will lose confidence in voice communications if the rise in scam, robocalling and fraudulent calls goes unchecked. Already, many users are refusing to answer their ringing phones. The result is legitimate companies such as banks, insurers and health services are unable to reach their customers, increasing their costs…

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Tollring debuts new Scam Protect solution in Australia

31st August 2021 – Melbourne, Australia: Following on from the ACMA’s registration of the Reducing Scam Calls Code in December last year, Tollring debuts its new Scam Protect solution. One of the first telcos to adopt Tollring’s new service across its entire network is Vocus, Australia’s specialist fibre and network solutions provider. According to ACCC…

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Tollring’s Scam Protect Helps Telcos Defend Against Scam Calls

Uxbridge, UK – 6th July 2021: Tollring launches Scam Protect, a cloud-based solution to help telecoms providers to reduce risk from scam calls, protect their network and customers, and meet regulatory obligations. Data from the UK’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has revealed that over £373 million was lost by repeat victims of fraud in the…

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Call Recording in 2021: More Than Just Listening to Calls

  Compliance Remains Key Two, almost three, years on from the introduction of GDPR regulations, new challenges around voice recording compliance have emerged as a result of increased hybrid working across all types and size of business. The current environment, with more home workers, threatens an organisation’s ability to deliver recording compliance in many ways….

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