Tag: Customer Interaction

The Next Generation of Call Recording

Tollring advocates the importance of integrating call recording with analytics to maximise the understanding of customer interactions across the business.  Companies can maximise customer intelligence by analysing inbound and outbound calls regularly to identify issues, improve performance and establish trends. As analytics solutions make rapid advancements leveraging cloud technology, compliance will be better served.  With…

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Self-Provisioning Portals Add Value to Customers

Ease of use is a key requirement for any provisioning portal; it should be simple for resellers to provision new customers, easy to manage billing, and analytics should provide visibility of activity and usage.  However as a service delivery tool, resellers should leverage their self-service portals to add value to their relationships with customers. Rather…

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Achieve Customer Service Excellence with Contact Centre Data

To deliver true Customer Service Excellence, every successful and unsuccessful customer interaction should be understood and visible to the business.  This means that for those adopting a customer-first ethos, the role of data from call and contact centres has a vital role to play. However, very few, if any SMEs operate formal contact centres but…

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