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A Review of BroadSoft Connections from Frost & Sullivan

BroadSoft Accelerates Innovation to Boost Customer Value and Service Provider Differentiation At the 2016 BroadSoft Connections event held the week of November 14th in San Antonio, Texas, BroadSoft once again treated an elite crowd of telecom decision makers, senior executives in service provider networking, IT and marketing, and industry analysts to a fine sampling of…

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Tollring Launches iCall Suite 2016 at BroadSoft Connections to Drive Customer Retention 

Tollring to launch their latest version of iCall Suite at BroadSoft annual Connections event being held in San Antonio, Texas on 13th to 15th November 2016. BroadSoft partners and their customers can now leverage new features, modules and enhancements in the latest release of iCall Suite, which will in turn drive new opportunity, add value…

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Insights from Broadsoft Connections 2015 

By Tony Martino The recent presentation by Taher Behbehani, the Chief Marketing Officer at The BroadSoft Connections event in Phoenix, Arizona was extremely engaging. He described how behaviours in the world of business are constantly changing and how the use of mobile and messaging apps are transforming business communications. His story of attending a One…

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Tollring launches cloud call recording, fraud detection and supervisor analytics to the BroadSoft Community at BroadSoft Connections 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Tollring is launching the latest modules of iCall Suite (iCS) telecoms data analytics & visualization at BroadSoft Connections 2015: Define The Future.  iCS version 2.1 delivers powerful call recording, flexible storage and multi-site analytics, accessible from all smart devices.  New fraud protection detects anomalies in call activity immediately and iCS Contact provides enhanced contact centre…

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Tollring Receives Prestigious BroadSoft Xtended Incubator Program Award

Award-winning BroadSoft app iCS insight delivers powerful call data visualisation accessible from any device. iCS insight has been recognised by BroadSoft as an innovative application that extends the power of BroadSoft’s unified communications services.  The app delivers cutting edge telecommunications data analytics & visualisation to enhance business productivity. The BroadSoft Xtended Incubator Program is a…

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iCS Insight

Tollring launches iCS insight, a new business productivity app for BroadWorks at BroadSoft Connections

iCS insight delivers powerful call data visualisation via predefined dashboards and wallboards, accessible from mobile devices.  Tollring is showcasing the new iCS insight marketplace app at BroadSoft Connections.  The app delivers cutting edge telecoms data analytics & visualisation to enhance business productivity.Tollring insight seamlessly integrates with the BroadWorks CDR Call Accounting feed to enable customer-facing…

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