Private or public cloud – does it matter?

The choice of private cloud vs. public cloud is still very much subjective, with no ‘right’ answer – it depends heavily on a service provider’s priorities, vertical markets served, differentiation strategy, and approach to customer experience.  

While a public cloud approach is generally quicker to get up and running and will reduce support and maintenance overheads for the service provider, a private cloud delivers greater control over customer experience when it comes to value added services like those offered by Tollring (specifically business analytics and call recording). In a private cloud environment, the service provider can choose when they upgrade to new versions, operate test environments or go deeper into the solution to provide comprehensive user support. Further benefits include licence utilization statistics, control over provisioning, and the opportunity to apply their own branding throughout – even offer multi-tier branding to their customers. For many service providers, who are competing on customer experience like never before, the private option is really important to their business strategy.  

 At the same time, the convenience afforded by public clouds allows service providers to take advantage of the market shift towards rapid roll-out, ‘out of the box’ services and simple propositions with ease. The real winners are the re-sellers on the front line, who sell a combination of phone systems and services. By providing their customers with one packaged solution they can add value across their portfolio with services such as analytics and call recording without the hassle of maintaining the infrastructure. 

 Tollring provides analytics and/or call recording that’s integrated with VOIP systems, an on-premise PBX or a hosted PBX, so all options are available. It doesn’t matter to Tollring how it is deployed or on what type of phone system – the focus for Tollring is to offer one consistent user experience for all and for every customer to benefit from the same customer experience. 

As featured in Comms Business