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Channel Opportunities Within the Finance Sector

The finance sector is a highly competitive global marketplace.  It is also one of the most heavily regulated with organisations under constant scrutiny to adhere to continued governance such as PCI compliance, Dodd-Frank Act compliance, MIFID II Compliance, and GDPR compliance. Cyber Security is a top priority as organisations strive to prevent cyber-threats, hackers and…

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The Next Generation of Call Recording

Tollring advocates the importance of integrating call recording with analytics to maximise the understanding of customer interactions across the business.  Companies can maximise customer intelligence by analysing inbound and outbound calls regularly to identify issues, improve performance and establish trends. As analytics solutions make rapid advancements leveraging cloud technology, compliance will be better served.  With…

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GDPR Compliance: The Impact on Customers and Partners

The Impact of GDPR on Tollring Partners and Customers General Data Protection RegulationAnd The need for consent Tollring sees the adoption of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as an evolution of data protection, rather than a revolution.  GDPR specifically affects Tollring partners and customers that require us to process data from EU jurisdictions or EU citizens' personal...Read More
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7 Reasons Why You Should Record Calls

Call recording is a powerful business tool, particularly when integrated with call analytics.  In particular, call recording provides clear advantages for service-centric organisations with a focus on customer service, such as legal firms, insurance companies, call centres, public agencies, health centres, doctors surgeries and any FCA regulated company that is legally bound to record calls….

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Call recording: achieving compliance

Although regulatory compliance is a call recording hot topic, Tollring customer statistics show that 75% of businesses are most concerned about adhering to ‘internal compliance’ in line with company quality assurance and policies. Monitoring call quality, staff performance, disputes and abuse, as well as on-going staff training, will be key drivers for any size business…

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