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2015 Call Recording Trends

The demand for call recording continues to grow amongst SMEs.  Not only has the cost reduced, but more and more businesses recognise value far beyond the regulatory protection call recording provides, as they discover that the mining of these calls reveals invaluable customer insight.  Monitoring call quality and staff performance, resolving “who said what” disputes,…

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Tollring partners with OrecX to deliver hosted call recording, fully integrated with iCS online

Contact teams can now access a single interface for VoIP call analytics and call recording. Tollring is pleased to announce their partnership with OrecX to deliver call recording playback and analytics within the iCS online application.  OrecX provides contact centres and business VoIP providers with fully-featured, reliable and easy-to-use call recording software that installs remotely…

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Tollring Receives Prestigious BroadSoft Xtended Incubator Program Award

Award-winning BroadSoft app iCS insight delivers powerful call data visualisation accessible from any device. iCS insight has been recognised by BroadSoft as an innovative application that extends the power of BroadSoft’s unified communications services.  The app delivers cutting edge telecommunications data analytics & visualisation to enhance business productivity. The BroadSoft Xtended Incubator Program is a…

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Channel Trends for 2015

By Tony Martino, Managing Director, Tollring The impact of the Cloud Traditionally, technology contracts involved hardware, software, services, integration and education.  When the customer signed a contract they agreed to take on the cost and complexity associated with the capabilities of the deal, thus taking all the risk.  The return on investment was expected to…

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Call recording: achieving compliance

Although regulatory compliance is a call recording hot topic, Tollring customer statistics show that 75% of businesses are most concerned about adhering to ‘internal compliance’ in line with company quality assurance and policies. Monitoring call quality, staff performance, disputes and abuse, as well as on-going staff training, will be key drivers for any size business…

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iCS Insight

Tollring launches iCS insight, a new business productivity app for BroadWorks at BroadSoft Connections

iCS insight delivers powerful call data visualisation via predefined dashboards and wallboards, accessible from mobile devices.  Tollring is showcasing the new iCS insight marketplace app at BroadSoft Connections.  The app delivers cutting edge telecoms data analytics & visualisation to enhance business productivity.Tollring insight seamlessly integrates with the BroadWorks CDR Call Accounting feed to enable customer-facing…

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